Footer & Extra footer

We understand it could be quite confusing so here is a screenshot to explain the difference between the Extra footer and the Footer:  

The footer is composed of two parts: a widgetized area and a copyright text. 

You can customize all the colors but also the content and the layout through the Theme Settings > Footer / Extrafooter > Footer

To add new widgets to the footer, you need to go to your WordPress > Appearance > Widgets page. You will see an area named "Footer widgets". 

This is where you want to add your widgets. 

Extra footer 

The "extra footer" is a mosaic of the profile pictures on your site. You can customize it and change the text content from: Theme Settings > Footer / Extrafooter > Extra Footer

Those two options: 

Can have a significant impact on your page load speed if you have many members (> 1k) or low-performance server. 

They both require us to call the Gravity API which can be slow if many requests are made.